By Ashanti “Accel” Henderson, Staff Writer

Every day, about 1,400 children die from water-related diseases and 43 percent of children that die from these diseases are less than five years old.

These appalling statistics inspired Penn “Cinema” Hansa of University of Georgia’s Alpha Chapter to begin a personal tradition of donating her birthday to charity: water in order to help children live past their fifth birthday.
This month marked Hansa’s 23rd birthday and her third year of donating her birthday to the cause. Her goal this year is to provide 23 people access to clean water, one person for each year of her life. That translates into $700, which is her highest goal yet.

Hansa initially found out about charity: water through the news and fell in love with the cause and the marketing campaign after looking into the organization. As she learned more about it, she realized the cause resonated with her values as a person. She believes that “If we want equality, we have to make sure people’s basic needs are met.”
Hansa said she finds it appalling how people just take access to water for granted as she becomes more conscious of the plight of other human beings.

She wants people to realize how easy it is to make a difference in someone’s life even if you do not feel like you are doing much. Almost as easily as we turn on the tap we can press a button to help improve someone’s life expectancy or quality of life.

Hansa said that she hates asking people for money but feels that this is a really good cause and a good organization. Charity: water is a privately funded company, allowing for 100% of your donation to go to supplying people with clean, safe drinking water.

More than donating money or their birthday, Hansa wants people to be aware.

“If everyone’s aware, that’s all I could really ask for,” she said.

You can help Hansa reach her goal by donating at



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Article Image: Penn Hansa