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National Dairy Month
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National Dairy Month ‘Moo’-vement

By Rose “rina” Chai, Staff Writer Since the national philanthropy of Delta Phi Lambda is Osteoporosis, what better way to

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The Painful Truth About Endometriosis

By Maria “Makana” Thomas, Contributing Writer Endometriosis Awareness Month occurs in March. During this time, many women and organizations bring awareness

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Tips to Overcome Menstrual Cramps

By Rose “rina” Chai, Staff Writer At one point in every month, girls everywhere look at the calendar and shudder

Sisters run half marathon
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Remedi Runs to the Finish

By Kristine “Aster” Medina, Assistant Editor Imagine running 13.1 miles alongside the Mississippi River as a marked number in the

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XOXO: Benefits of Kissing, Hugging and Flirting

By Ashanti “Accel” Henderson, Staff Writer Human touch plays a crucial role in human connection, development and healing. If you

Mom-to-Be Hospital Pack
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Mommy-To-Be’s Checklist For The Hospital

By Lecelle “Gloss” Prieto, Contributing Writer I have had the privilege to have two amazing and beautiful baby girls. They

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Then and Now: YouTube Makeup artist Xteeener shares recent Paris experiences

By: May “Mosaic” Advincula, Staff Writer In a past September edition of The Jade Times, we introduced you to UGA

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June is National Dairy Month

By Stephenie “Remedi” Lai, Staff Writer Happy National Dairy Month! What is National Dairy Month? June is dedicated to reminding

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Recipe: Chocolate Peanut Butter Ginseng Cookies

By Christine “ECKO” Ho, Staff Writer So we’ve all heard of oysters and chocolate being an aphrodisiac. However, there are

The Happiness Diet Book
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The Happiness Diet

The Happiness Diet: A Nutritional prescription for a Sharp Brain, Balanced Mood, and Lean, Energized Body, by Tyler Graham &