Wednesday | July 26, 2017

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2017 Summer Fitness Journeys, Part 1

By Houa “Manifesto” Vang, Staff Writer When you think of summer, what comes to mind other than beach, sand, party,

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The Reality of Living with Diabetes

By Savitre “Rapture” Schaefferkoetter, Copy Editor According to the World Health Organization, in 2014, a staggering 422 million people in the world

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Sobriety is the New High

By Savitre “Rapture” Schaefferkoetter, Staff Writer My path to sobriety was paved by a desire for better health, better sleeping

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Tales of the Tattooed Mark Cultural Significance

By Savitre “Rapture” Schaefferkoetter, Staff Writer Tattoos. What images come to mind when you think of this word? Does it

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Examining the Power of Positivity

By Savitre Schaefferkoetter, Staff Writer Stay positive, people say. They will repeat this phrase over and over until it gets

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Sister ICON’s Formal Makeup Tutorial

Are you figuring out how to face the midwest and northeast formals ahead? Watch Sister ICON’s take on formal makeup

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Self-Improvement Month (Part 3): Motivation to Move

By Kristine “Aster” Medina, Editor-in-Chief Last month, The Jade Times featured the DPhiLifters, a group of sisters who continue to

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Self-Improvement Month (Part 2): Life Hacks of the Clearwater Insomniac

By Savitre “Rapture” Schaefferkoetter, Contributing Writer I have suffered from insomnia for most of my life. Thankfully, those days have come

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Fall Foods and Fashion Spark Nostalgia

By Monique “Dynamic” White, Staff Writer If you haven’t noticed by now, the season of pumpkins, Halloween and an overdue

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DPhiLifters: Taking Care of Fitness

By Jenna “Eviana” Bradshaw, Staff Writer Many people are in search of the holy grail of all quick-fix, weight loss