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Recipe: Chocolate Peanut Butter Ginseng Cookies

By Christine “ECKO” Ho, Staff Writer So we’ve all heard of oysters and chocolate being an aphrodisiac. However, there are

mool nangmyun
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Korean cuisine serves as comfort food

By: Christine “ECKO” Ho, Staff Writer Because most people already know about Korean cuisine (Korean BBQ, kimchi, etc.), I am

Chinese Jello Dessert

Chinese Layered Jello Dessert

By Stephenie “Remedi” Lai, Staff Writer Being half Vietnamese and half Chinese, I have my share of food to choose

Che Chuoi

Banana dessert- Vietnamese style

By: Oanhie “Shinsen” Pham, Staff Writer & Copy Editor Growing up, I’ve eaten many Vietnamese dishes thanks to my parents’


Khov poob – the more, the better

By Gaoli Moua, Staff Writer and Copy Editor One dish that reminds me of home is khov poob. A mix

Rum balls

Memorable birthdays with rum balls

By Emilia Liem, Copy Editor My family would travel to Indonesia to see our relatives about every few years, from


Filipino dish brings fond family memories

By: May “Mosaic” Advincula, Editor-in-chief One universal staple in the Filipino smorgasbord of dishes that is probably one of the

chocolate heart
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Love your bones with healthy alternative to chocolate

By May “Mosaic” Advincula, Editor-in-chief Chocolate is a common staple during the month of February, and store shelves are often

This is my version of modern banh xeo as well as demonstrating how small our nephew is/was.
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Blogger Spotlight: Huong “Theory” Van: Celebrating a foreign holiday brings on identity crisis

Huong “Theory” Van, an alumna from the University of Central Florida and author of Ground Level Gourmet, graciously wrote a

Homemade cookies by Oanhie Pham
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Fun and healthy Halloween treats for a stronger body and better bones

By Oanhie “Shinsen” Pham, Copy Editor Provide healthy snacking choices this Halloween, keeping in mind the foods that help build