Friday | February 23, 2018

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Lisa Luong
Career, Sister Spotlight

UGA Alumna Lisa ‘Akoya’ Luong Talks About Having Her Own Business, Offers Advice

What’s the name of the business you run and its purpose/mission? The name of my business is Law Office of

Hina Ansar
Sister Spotlight

Alumna: Hina "Hestia" Ansar

By Kristine Aguilan, Staff Writer Full name (first name “sorority name” last name):  Hina “Hestia” Ansar Chapter, class and number:

Jaleesa Reed
Sister Spotlight

Sister Spotlight: Jaleesa "Aspire" Reed

By Oanhie “Shinsen” Pham, Editor-in-Chief Name:  Jaleesa “Aspire” Reed Chapter, class and number:  UGA, Psi Class, “Enduring Eight” #120 Major:

Health and Beauty, Sister Spotlight

Then and Now: YouTube Makeup artist Xteeener shares recent Paris experiences

By: May “Mosaic” Advincula, Staff Writer In a past September edition of The Jade Times, we introduced you to UGA

Xuan Pham
Sister Spotlight

Alumna Spotlight: Xuan "Zest" Pham

Full name (First name “sorority nickname” Last name): Xuan “Zest” Pham Chapter, class and number: Loyola University in Chicago, Charter

Michelle Armstrong
Sister Spotlight

Sister Spotlight: Michelle “Rnemosyne” Armstrong

Name: Michelle “Rnemosyne” Armstrong Chapter, class and number: Georgia Tech, Theta Class, “Sedulous Six” #28 Major: Applied Language and Intercultural

Amanda McNally
Sister Spotlight

Sister Spotlight: Amanda "Elegance" McNally

Name: Amanda “Elegance” McNally Chapter, class and number: University of West Florida, Beta Class, “Sparkling Six” #21 Major: Public Relations

Nishita Lad wears traditional clothing in celebration of her Hindu faith.
Sister Spotlight

Alumna: Nishita "Catalyst" Lad

  Full name (First name “sorority nickname” Last name): Nishita “Catalyst” Lad Chapter, class and number: University of Georgia, Upsilon

Charlene Topacio
Sister Spotlight

Alumna: Charlene "Teal" Topacio

Full name (First name “sorority nickname” Last name): Charlene “Teal” Topacio Chapter, class, and number: DePaul University, Zeta Class “Fortunate

Hailie Park
Sister Spotlight

Sister Spotlight: Hailie "Coco" Park

Name: Hailie “Coco” Hyun Young Park Chapter, class, number: Purdue University, Rho class “Flawless Five” #56 Major: Biology What got