Friday | April 20, 2018

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Sister Spotlight: Mariah “CONTRAST” Johnson

By Tamera “EON” Pillay, Staff Writer You’ve been there: you hear the word adoption and cringe at the idea of

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Sister Spotlight: Emily “impreza” Li

By Jessie “Decipher” Kim, Staff Writer Emily “impreza” Li crossed in fall of 2009 at Emory University as a member of

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Sister Spotlight: Lisa “Empress” Thai

By Tamera “EON” Pillay, Staff Writer Many people know that the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values (AFLV) Central/Midyear conference

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Sister Spotlight: Courtney “Equinox” Henfield a.k.a. Coco Nichole

By Ashanti “Accel” Henderson, Contributing Writer Author Coco Nichole, known by her family as Courtney Henfield and by her sorority

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Sister Spotlight: Dedicated Female Leaders (A Letter from Doc)

The Jade Times staff wishes all Dedicated Female Leaders nationwide and around the world, the happiest founders’ day! Since Dec.

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Sister Spotlight: Stephenie “Remedi” Lai

By Jennifer “Realm” Kim, Staff Writer Friends and family gathered to support Stephenie “Remedi” Lai, a University of Georgia alumna

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Sister Spotlight: Chelsia “Kamala” Lai

By Rose “rina” Chai and Oanhie “Shinsen” Pham, Staff Writers Chelsia “Kamala” Lai, an alumna from DePaul University and the

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Sister Spotlight: Jemi “Phrysia” Puno

By Kristine “Aster” Medina, Editor-in-Chief As chapters across the country begin sorority recruitment this fall, they will be “discovering new

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Cosplayer Christine Diep Smashes into the Scene

By Tamera “EON” Pillay, Staff Writer Sailor Moon has planted a seed in all of us. Remember how pretty much everyone

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Featured Dedicated Female Leaders: Central Florida Xi Class

By Oanhie “Shinsen” Pham, Editor-in-Chief Today’s sister spotlight is on Xi Class from the University of Central Florida! Kryssa “Rosé”