UGA alumna Stella “Naru” Kim wrote a guest blog sharing her favorites about the Thanksgiving holiday and how she plans to celebrate the holiday overseas in Seoul, South Korea.



Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday and quite honestly, I would pick a plate of turkey and all the sides as my last meal on earth. I love it that much and living abroad in a country that doesn’t know even eat turkey regularly is that much harder! In my family, I am the one who is in charge of cooking Thanksgiving dinner. It was always a great joy of mine to have the responsibility to prepare a meal for my family and friends as well as giving my mother a chance to relax. I’m going to miss having that responsibility and I’m actually curious about what my family will do without me this year. Hopefully, they won’t just be ordering pizza!

I am teaching abroad at a Korean middle school in Seoul when Thanksgiving arrives this year, and my first priority is to introduce my students to the whole festive tradition. Since many of my students have no idea that such a holiday exists, it will definitely be a pleasure of mine to give them a little glimpse into something truly American. We’ll be creating hand-drawn turkeys at the very least!

Outside of school, I will be spending Thanksgiving Day with my fellow American cousin who is stationed in the Army base in Seoul as well. I feel lucky to know someone on base who can get their hands on turkey! So, I’ll definitely make plans to stop by her place and spend time with her family. I will also be spending Thanksgiving with my fellow American teachers in Seoul. We’ll probably share a roasted chicken with whatever sides we can get from the nearest Costco. Yes, Costco is a blessing to have abroad and they carry pretty much anything you would crave from the States. Another option is to go to the foreign area in Seoul where they will advertise Thanksgiving meals at restaurants. The options are limitless! At the end of the day, it’s all about spending time with people you love and reflecting on all the things you can be thankful for. I’ll be doing just that, but in a different country.

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