Friday | December 15, 2017

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Alpha Chapter Collaborates with LiNK for Philanthropy Week

By Kirsten “Declare” Daigle, Staff Writer The sisters of Alpha Chapter at the University of Georgia hosted their philanthropy week

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Ask A Sister: Not Asian, But Why Delta Phi Lambda?

By Xiomara “LunarIx” Santana, Staff Writer Are you aware that Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. is an Asian-interest sorority, but

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Loyola’s Unity Feast Becomes Campus Tradition

By Jessica “mae” Xi, Staff Writer Just in time for the holidays, Kappa Chapter at Loyola University Chicago hosted its 10th

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The Reality of Living with Diabetes

By Savitre “Rapture” Schaefferkoetter, Copy Editor According to the World Health Organization, in 2014, a staggering 422 million people in the world

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UConn Hosts Leng Leng Chancey

By Donna “Mythic” Chow, Staff Writer The University of Connecticut (UConn) hosted “Voting Matters with Leng Leng Chancey,” featuring Leng

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Sister Spotlight: Tiffanie “Grace” Duong

By Xiomara “LunarIx” Santana, Staff Writer Integrity, confidence and vision are just a few of the main characteristics Tiffanie “Grace” Duong

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Thanksgiving: A Day for Gratitude and Games

By Christina “ICON” Shin. Staff Writer Happy Thanksgiving! Here are some suggestions for playing games with family and friends today:

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GVSU Sisters Celebrate Culture in Michigan

By Alyssa “Raamiah” Haselsteiner, Staff Writer This year, Iota Chapter hosted its ninth annual Global Gala, a cultural showcase, at

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Clemson University Women Talk Girl Code

By Thavi “cryptiq” Chhoun, Staff Writer The Clemson Colony Chapter of Delta Phi Lambda was invited to participate in Girl