Tuesday | October 16, 2018

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Help Others, Volunteer

By Mia “Lavender” Liem, Copy Editor The easiest and most enjoyable way to contribute is to do something you truly

Reduce stress
Health and Beauty

Reduce stress

By: Alexandria “Wisteria” Prejido, Staff Writer Everyone experiences stress at some point. Large amounts of stress can often lead to

Founding Sisters
Delta Phi Lambda, Monthly Feature, Virtue

For 12th anniversary, sisters remember the past and look to the future

By Christine” ECKO” Ho, Staff Writer Who remembers their first DPhiL anniversary in the sorority? Who remembers what they were


Budget-friendly and crafty gifts for the holidays

By Oanhie “Shinsen” Pham, Copy Editor While giving DIY gifts may not always mean a big difference for your wallet,

Wintery conditions often mean bad traffic. What better excuse to stay indoors than to avoid sitting in a car for hours on the highway?

Safeguarding against snow and ice this winter

By Emilia “Lavender” Liem, Copy Editor Snow, and especially ice, can be dangerous foes in the winter months. Unless one

The Social Network

Movie of the Month: "The Social Network"

By: Alexandria “Wisteria” Prejido, Staff Writer Apparently, Facebook’s popularity was not enough — Hollywood decided to make a movie out

The many necessary tools of survival for a diabetic.
Health and Beauty

Diabetes awareness: be informed, plan and prevent

By: Christine “ECKO” Ho, Staff Writer This November is American Diabetes Month nationwide. With numbers as high as 24 million

Scarves provide warmth and a wealth of fashionable possibilities.
Health and Beauty, Monthly Feature

Scarves are an easy and fashionable way to stay warm this season

By: Gaoli “Chamomile” Moua, Staff Writer and Copy Editor With so many different shapes, colors and materials, it is impossible

Culture, Leadership

Promote nonviolence on October 2 to honor Gandhi

By Alyssa “T.I.” Soluren, Staff Writer Inspirational. Peaceful. Nonviolent. These are the words that describe the famous Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

October Breast Cancer Awareness
Health and Beauty, Women's Issue

Pink October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By Alexandria “Wisteria” Prejido, Staff Writer As we all know, breast cancer is becoming more prevalent. According to the National