By Kippie “Sumitra” Aguilan, Staff Writer

Q: “Dear Ask A Sister, How can I use social networking sites in my job search?”

A: “When using social networking sites such as Facebook, you can utilize their different features, such as the Marketplace, which allows users to post job listings for other users to browse. Another great site specific to the job hunt is LinkedIn, which is a professional social networking site without all the friendly banter (and drama) between members of the community. Craig’s List takes social networking to a basic level, similar to a local newspaper that lists classifieds and open job positions. All three create open communications between potential employees and those seeking a job.

Having the ability to speak professionally and freely without the middleman of a recruiter or interviews helps both parties get what they need. Networking also opens doors for those that can network with others in the field of interest. For example, my boyfriend, whom I met through Craig’s List, is friends with a girl whose fiancé got me my current position as a student advisor for an online university. The importance of social networking is getting to know people, and knowing people opens up new opportunities.”