By Xiomara “LunarIx” Santana, Staff Writer

Sisters Yeu and Resilien showcase their line jackets.

Sisters Yeu and Resilien showcase their line jackets.

The history of line jackets can be traced to the historically African American fraternities and sororities, also known as the Divine Nine or National Pan-Hellenic Council. Many Multicultural Greek Organizations also adopted line jackets to demonstrate their pride, commitment, and sisterhood or brotherhood. These lightweight windbreakers usually have the organization’s name, letters, crest, crossing chapter, crossing date, line number, line name, and other graphics and information stitched onto them. Each organization has a unique procedure on who gives the line jacket and how line jackets are earned. Line jackets can be maintained by periodic dry cleaning.

For Delta Phi Lambda, traditionally, a navy-blue jacket is presented by the big sister when she believes her little deserves one. The jacket is customized to represent the relationship the two developed. A white jacket is presented to neophytes by their educators to incentivize their continuing hard work for the sorority. These are just a few ways sisters receive and give jackets and it is not mandatory to follow these traditions. As we all hold a special connection to the line jackets given to us, The Jade Times asked sisters to share stories behind their jackets.

Sisters panaXea and Inspire showcase their line jackets.

Sisters panaXea and Inspire showcase their line jackets.

What is unique about your jacket?

“My line jacket was given to me by my Mama and Papas. It is unique to me because it was given to us on our one year and we never were expecting to get one. They made my line remember that hard work will always pay off and even if you are not rewarded, people are watching the hard work you do.” – Yasmin Azuzena “Solana” De Anda

“It incorporates a quote that is meaningful to me.” – Sarah “Emina” Stolte

“She [My Big] designed the back to be something I would love and cherish. She also put my class name and class nickname ‘Chi Class – Fiery Four.’ She also made it special by making it unique with Delta Phi Lambda written over the Greek letters, which I love.” – Mariah “Amara” Sampsel

Amara Line Jacket

Mariah “Amara” Sampsel

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