By Houa “Manifesto” Vang, Contributing Writer

New Year’s resolution is a tradition that happens every year. Resolutions consist of things to improve on, changing a habit, or even starting something new. Read what sisters’ resolutions are!

Alina “Arnica” Li: “Get more connected with people who aren’t my closest friends. Embrace my creative side and do artistic projects.”

Ngoc “Oriflamme” Doan: “Find a job or get into grad school.”

Alina “Zephyr” Pham: “Better myself as a person by being more patient and empathetic.”

Donna “Mythic” Chow: “Learn to make delicious, Asian-inspired vegan food.”

Abby “Lunarto” Loftin: “I want to have new experiences this year.”

Chelsea “Emblaze” Dinh: “I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions, but if I had to come up with one thing, it’d be to be more productive! No more lazy!”

Crystal “Chaaya” Watson: “Learn to love myself more.”

Dana “Illustra” Masters: “Stress less and be happy. I also want to get good at hacky sack.”

Chrisell “Nostalgia” Manabat: “I want to spread more love, inspire growth and learning, practice gratitude and help as many people as I can in seeing their value and loving themselves so that they may spread love in the world too. Love yourself first and let that love shine to others.”

Yasmin “Solana” De Anda: “To better my mental health and self-care; to create more and consume less!”

Kristi “Naree” Lee: “To save more money and to spend less on unimportant things.”

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