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Q: “What is the best way to dress for an interview without looking too trendy or too young?” -Prepping for Professionalism

A: “First impressions are very important when going to an interview, so you want to dress sharp. Gentlemen certainly have it easy, as they usually require a nice set of pants and a good dress shirt. Ladies have a bit of a harder time, mainly because we make it harder for ourselves. The main objective is to look respectable and professional without losing your sense of style.

No short shorts, mini-skirts or sexually alluring clothing or accessories. You want to prove you are a professional, and dressing like you are going to the club is not the way to go. Shorts and skirts are acceptable if they are close to knee-length or longer. No blouses that expose your breasts or high stiletto heels that cause you pain or make you look clumsy. You are trying to impress your interviewer for a job, not for a date.

Do not wear too much makeup. Unless you are applying for a job that requires sex appeal or sells a particular brand of makeup, or are auditioning for a role, minimal makeup is a good idea. You do not want to have the focus be completely on your attractiveness (unless the job requires it). You want an employer to seek your skills and talents, not your pretty face.

Try to wear bright colors. Studies suggest that differing colors produce differing attitudes toward the wearer, depending on what kind of attention you want. For example, brides tend to wear white because of the symbolization of purity and innocence; grooms wear black to symbolize strength and solidarity. Purple colors are associated with royalty and wealth; greens can be associated with growth or prosperity; and blues generally have a calming effect on a viewer, and has a strong association with nature such as the sky and waters (no wonder it is a popular color!)

Finally, be comfortable. If you do not like to wear skirts, do not wear one just because you think it is more appealing. Do not wear a blouse that is too tight because it looks good but hardly lets you breathe. If you are uncomfortable in your own attire, it will reflect on your presentation of yourself, and the interviewer will notice. It is important to feel comfortable and present your best self to the employer and the job you are interviewing for and show that you are the right fit for the position, not that your clothes don’t fit right.”

-Kippie “Sumitra” Aguilan, Staff Writer