By Xiomara “LunarIx” Santana, Staff Writer

Greek life has many benefits; it allows us to become part of a bigger community, build networking skills, helps us academically and socially, but the greatest perk has to be the bonds we all establish within the Greek life. These are the relationships we develop by being connected when sisters need help whether that is a shoulder to cry on, encouragement to thrive, sharing food experiences together, laughing at inside jokes, or establishing all these memories, creates this unique bond we call sisterhood. Explaining this concept to non-Greeks may be something many of us find already difficult, but explaining Greek life to our parents may be a whole different story. For this reason, we asked sisters to share their experience telling their parents about Delta Phi Lambda.

What level of understanding did your parents have of the Greek system?

  • “My father knew about Greek life and was familiar about different branches, but confused DFL for an academic business sorority. My mother doesn’t really understand the tradition of Greek life or the network and how it is different than any other club.”  Anonymous
  • “They have no understanding at all of Greek Life. My mom sort of understands because she was in various clubs in her community, but does not get the full concept.”  Yasmin ‘Solana’ De Anda, Fall 15
  • “My parents had very little understanding of the Greek life System. As a first generation college student and the only daughter in my family, my parents main concern was to understand how safe I’d be going to school nearly 5 hours away from home.”  Cathy ‘Inspire’ Vanhxay, Fall 13

How did you parents react when you told them about joining a sorority?

  • “My dad was supportive due to the fact that he is a business man and believed that it would be a very good platform for networking. He is generally supportive of my desires to try/experience new things.”  Anonymous
  • “They thought and I think they still think I joined a cult/mob. My Grandma even thought I changed my religion.”  De Anda
  • “When I told my mother, I don’t think she fully understood. She’s seen the letters I wear, but her only concern was whether or not I enjoyed it and if I was happy. Now, if I were to tell her I’m paying to be a part of a sorority, I know she wouldn’t be too thrilled.”  Vanhxay

Do you continue to share with your parents your DFL experience?

  • “Yes, it’s usually a conversation starter for me and my dad because he knows I am very dedicated.”  Anonymous
  • “I try to, but they don’t understand our purpose and events we do so I really don’t bring the subject up.”  De Anda
  • “No only because so little of my collegiate experience has been shared with my parents already.” – Vanhxay

Featured Images: Special to The Jade Times