By Kristine “Sumitra” Wesner, Staff Writer

When someone first starts a new position in their career, the excitement is overwhelming and you may be willing to take on whatever is suggested to you, which includes the pay management is willing to offer.

With time, you may feel that the hard work you put into the role deserves more than what you are given and when that annual review comes up, how would you go about asking for the amount you feel you deserve? Here are a few tips in order to negotiate your salary adjustment.

For starters, think about your role: have you taken on more work, improved certain practices, or developed a more supervisory approach in the work place with your fellow peers? Ask yourself what differences are noticeable compared to when you first started and if you were a major factor in those changes. Are said changes worth an increase in your monetary worth to the company?

If you feel that you do indeed deserve more for the work you have accomplished, be sure to draw on physical or anecdotal evidence to demonstrate to your supervisor or manager; showing them that you have contributed gives you an edge during the negotiating process so the management can see you are a serious asset that they cannot afford to lose.

Next, you want to narrow down the amount of the raise you are seeking to a reasonable amount that would not cause your employer to immediately reject the idea – be sure to prepare your request carefully, taking into consideration confidence or wording. For example, a ‘salary adjustment’ rather than ‘pay raise’ can demonstrate a request to meet the average rather than just asking for more money.

With that being said, you should do research on your specific role in other companies or organizations. Are you meeting the average given in your research? If the role averages $40,000 and you are making $38,000 then there is room for you to earn the amount you seek based on what you can demonstrate to show you have earned the raise. However, if you are making closer to $32,000 and the average is $40,000, it will be much harder to negotiate due to the large range.

Finally, determine how you would handle the rejection of not receiving the raise. You may have all the right things to say and show your assets, but maybe the budget just cannot afford that request at this time or the request was considered too high for your position – what do you do now? Assess your role and see if, with all your research, you feel you can continue with where you are at or if it is no longer worth it to keep up with the company.

If you find you want to leave the role due to the lack of increased funds, then one way accomplishing that possible increase is through another role altogether. Generally, if you are looking to earn a higher salary faster, the best way to do so is to change job titles either within the company or elsewhere so the process will take time to earn the amount you want but the hard work will move it along.

You are the only person that can determine what best works for yourself in your situation.


Featured Image: Special to The Jade Times