By Maria “Makana” Thomas, Contributing Writer

There are many myths surrounding the origins of this fun and prank-filled holiday. Many believe that it began in the 1700s when the English began to play practical jokes on one another.  Others believe that it dates back to the 1500s. According to, the true origins have remained a mystery. Either way we can all agree that April 1 is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. April Fools’ Day jokes and pranks are known for commonly being played on friends and family, but in recent years many celebrities and corporate companies joined in the festivities. These are the four of the  best April Fools’ Day pranks in 2015 from many of world’s most recognized companies and celebrities.

  1. Netflix: “Binge Responsibly Campaign”: This prank provided subscribers with 13 laugh-packed PSAs that poked fun at any subscriber who accessed the content for a long period of time. If two or more episodes or movies were watched, this activated the Binge Responsibly Campaign PSAs.


  1. Honda HR-V SLF: Honda unveiled its new automobile that not only is equipped with a safety camera but 10 additional throughout the vehicles interior so that drivers can take selfies at different angles.


  1. Tom Brady: Brady caused an uproar in the NFL community when he joked that while playing basketball with Michael Jordan in the Bahamas, Jordan’s famous crossover caused quite an accident on the court. Michael Jordan felt so bad about what happened that he autographed Brady’s cast.


  1. Sean and Catherine Lowe from the “Bachelor” used the most common prank of all – the pregnancy prank – and fooled their fans on Instagram by posting this picture announcing their new baby bump.


Obviously these companies and celebrities have this pranking thing down to a science. Here are few tips to use next year to keep your pranking game strong.

Do: Thoroughly plan your prank.

Don’t: Cause any unwanted accidents. Keep your prank safe and fueled with tons of fun.

Do: Have someone record your prank. Make it go viral!

Don’t: Use breaking up with your significant other as a prank. Things might go wrong and backfire.