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By: Stephenie “Remedi” Lai, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year again! The time where you have to watch your back and carefully calculate your actions so that you won’t be fooled. This year, we’re giving you tips on how to get revenge on all of those pranksters who have duped you in past. With these simple, harmless pranks, you’ll be sure to have a few good laughs.

The first three pranks I have are taken from my favorite television series, “Friends.”

Prank #1: Darken the edge of a coin with a pencil. Then, dare someone that they can’t roll the coin from their forehead to their chin without the coin leaving their face. When they try, they’ll be left with a pencil line down the middle of their face.

Prank #2: This one is very simple. Take all the sugar around the house or your apartment and replace it with salt. You can also replace all of your salt with sugar. That way, when your roommate needs some sugar in her coffee, she’ll be unpleasantly surprised.

Prank #3: This prank is a classic. It works best on guys since they don’t pay much attention to detail. Just put some plastic cling wrap (such as Saran wrap) around the toilet bowl. Once your friend tries to use the bathroom, well, you can figure out what will happen with that. You can also try this with the bathroom sink, too. Water will splash everywhere when someone turns on the faucet.

Those are a few examples from my favorite television show, but here are some bonus pranks from

Bonus Prank #1: If your friend has a ceiling fan in his/her room, pour baby powder on the top of the fan blades. Once the fan is turned off, the room will get covered in baby powder. I would suggest only doing this one if you’re willing to help clean up.

Bonus Prank #2: If you can get your hands on it, try putting some quick drying cement into your friend’s shoes. When he’s rushing to get to his class, he won’t even be able to slip his sneakers on.

Bonus Prank #3: Balance a cup of water on the top of a partially open door. When your friend swings the door open to get by, the cup of water will fall on top of them.

But, don’t think that your friends are the only ones you have to watch out for. There are some big companies like Google, Hulu and YouTube who are getting in on the fun too. Check out their pranks from 2011.

I hope these ideas will inspire you to come up with a great April Fool’s joke! Happy pranking, everyone!

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