By Kippie “Sumitra” Aguilan, Staff Writer

The 2010 Midwest Formals went off without a hitch! The newest lovely ladies of Delta Phi Lambda for the 2009-10 school year made their debut to the world, showing not only that they had earned their letters, but can rock them like no other. Starting with a private ceremony, then a tasteful dinner, followed by lots of delightful surprises, the neos certainly shined for their night – adorned in white, showered with goodies and gifts and showing off their new gear, there were plenty of entertaining surprises in store for them and the guests throughout the night.

Though not every newly initiated sister was available for her formal, each chapter had enough representation, old and new, to show off their pride and joy for their newest members. One great treat for the newest Midwest sisters was that even sisters from the South were present to support – sisters Emily “Saphira” Luong, Amanda “Lyriq” Luong, Monique “Volition” Medina, and our outgoing National Board Vice President of Finance, Alison “Royale” Kao, all attended to welcome them into everlasting Sisterhood. Driving the twenty-eight hours round trip to Allendale, Mich., they shared in the Midwest’s celebration, bringing their own Southeast spirit. Having attended the 2010 Southeast Formals, Christ-Anh “C-Reyus” Nguyen, incoming Vice President of Finance and Grand Valley State University Charter, said, “It was awesome seeing sisters from far away to come up and enjoy formals with us, […] it shows our neos the kind of support system they are now a part of.”

The presentations and performances were a big hit as well! Featuring Grand Valley State University’s newest Alpha Class with their step show; DePaul University’s Christie “Razzlé” Andgerson singing her version of Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now”; Loyola University’s Jasmine “Kalysta” Moy performing a sexy hip-hop rendition; and finally, one of Grand Valley State University’s own founding members and Installs Coordinator, Linda “Harmony” Truong, alongside her brother, performing their version of Keri Hilson’s “Knock You Down.” Nancy “Illyrix” Ngo, one of the newest Loyola University sisters from the Lambda Class, had this to say about her big sister, kalysta: “The performance was absolute hotness. She needs to show her little some moves.” If you are able to obtain copies of these performances, there is no doubt you will have trouble hearing them because of the crowds going wild for each and every presentation.

Finally, one sweet and touching act of friendships across organizations – members from fraternities Kappa Pi Beta (ΚΠΒ) and Chi Sigma Tau (ΧΣΤ) gave a brief but exciting presentation of red and yellow roses to each and every new sister at the 2010 Midwest Installs.The colors represented the love and passion sisters feel along with the friendship and bonds they will develop, not only with sisters but with other organizations. Stefan “Ironhide” Murakami, one of the founding members of Kappa Pi Beta’s chapter at the University of Illinois in Chicago, said, “It was good to see all the chapters celebrate their newly crossed together as opposed to separate banquets. It shows a lot of unity in an organization that you [ladies] obviously haven’t lost throughout the years of expansion.”