Full name (First name “sorority nickname” Last name): Nishita “Catalyst” Lad

Chapter, class and number: University of Georgia, Upsilon Class “Fierce Five” #99

Current occupation and location: Student in Kennesaw, GA

What did you study at your alma mater and how has life been outside of college?

[I] studied health promotion and behavior at the University of Georgia. I am currently still a student and starting my Bachelors of Science in Nursing at Mercer University in fall ’12!  Life outside of college is very different than what I expected. It becomes very routine-like; well, [at least] for me. It also has been good, though. I have had more time to spend with my family and get closer to them. I finished a course [to be a] Certified Nursing Aide and am looking for a job until school starts again in the fall.

Has there been any exciting news in your life?

I don’t have a new job or anything. I don’t have anything exciting to really share.

Do you still keep in touch with sister(s) even after college is done?

I do keep in touch with some sisters after graduating.

How do you feel the Sisterhood has benefited you in life so far?

Sisterhood gave me a family away from home when I was at school. It gave me a connection with those that could understand me and my cultural background. It gave me lifelong relationships with people that I can go to anytime or any day for advice and comfort. [The] DPhiL sisterhood has helped me grow into a stronger person and leader.

What is your favorite memory with Delta Phi Lambda?

I don’t have one specific favorite memory with DPhiL. I always enjoyed hanging out with sisters and just doing random things around Athens. I loved going on road trips to conferences and formals. A lot of my favorite memories are times with my Unique, Uplifting, Upsilon Class!

Closing statement/sisterly advice to pass on your wisdom to future generations:

Remember to have fun. Remember to look out for each other and take care of each other. Sisterhood always comes first! Do as much as you can in college and never regret anything you do. You Only Live Once so enjoy life while you are here.