By Kristine Aguilan, Staff Writer

  • Full name (first name “sorority name” last name):  Hina “Hestia” Ansar
  • Chapter, class and number:  ISU, Gamma Class “Tantalizing Two”, #19
  • Current occupation and location: Emergency Medicine Resident Physician, Lansing, MI

What did you study at your chapter and how has life been outside of college (ex: current occupation, Masters/PhD degree, etc.)?

I was a biology major and chemistry minor in college. Just graduated from medical school this May! I will be starting my emergency medicine residency at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Michigan.

Has there been any exciting news in your life (ex: trips, new jobs, engagements/weddings, family, etc.)?

Just the fact that I am now a doctor! Stay tuned for a wedding announcement in the near future though!

Do you still keep in touch with sister(s) even after college is done?

Not as much [as] I would like to! But thanks to modern technology (my expert Facebook™ stalking skills) we are all able to keep up with each other’s lives. I was in Tennessee for the past four years, but now that I will be closer to Chicago, hopefully I will get to see my seestars more often!

How do you feel the Sisterhood has benefited you in life so far?

My college years are some of the most memorable years of my life; I formed some truly everlasting bonds and friendships thanks to DPhiL. It helped me break my shell and open up to people. It helped make me the person I am today.

What is a fond or favorite memory with Delta Phi Lambda?

There are numerous memories – the road trips we took, the sisterhoods we had, the fundraisers we hosted! I think one of the most memorable was when we hosted Midyear at ISU! It was great having sisters from all over in our little town and it was a huge achievement for the ISU campus!

Any sisterly advice for future generations of DPhiL sisters?

Enjoy college! Do all the crazy things you can think of and have no regrets!