By Oanhie “Shinsen” Pham, Editor-in-chief

This year’s Alumna Award goes to Jessica “Cider” Chui, who graduated in 2011 from DePaul University. Chui said she wasn’t expecting her chapter to nominate her for the award, and didn’t believe she was the recipient until the very last minute.

Jessica Chui

“As they were reading out the description of the alumna, it sounded more and more like me,” said Chui. “‘She’s from fall 2008.’ I was thinking all right. There are a lot of people from fall 2008. ‘She is the chapter adviser of her chapter.’ I was, like, OK, I’m pretty sure anyone my age can be an adviser. More and more it sounded like me. As I was looking around, our girls were just smiling so I knew it and they said ‘It’s you!’”

Chui said earning the award meant a lot to her. It recognizes the work alumnae put in and shows the chapter’s appreciation.

“It was really nice,” she said. “It’s like you have that connection with your own chapter. And it made it even better. Even if I didn’t get it, it would still mean so much to me — just the thought of them nominating me. ”

Joyce “Aloha” Zhai said Chui is one of the alumnae her chapter holds in high esteem. She said that even as an alumna, Chui was active with the sorority and served as chapter adviser.

“Throughout our process of going up for status, she was a big support system. She also took a big role in planning for our Midwest Formal. She definitely deserved this award,” Zhai said.

Ellen “Roulette” Duong added that Chui, with the help with Chris-Anh “ C-Reyus” Nguyen, the Midwest Governor for Delta Phi Lambda, planned the Midwest  Formal. Chui helped with phone conferences, found the venue, divided costs and delegated jobs.

“We love Jessica Chui wholeheartedly,” Duong said. “She has been an undying asset to the chapter as our friend, our sister and our adviser till this day.”