By Christina “ICON” Shin, Staff Writer

Two alumnae chapters were revealed at the national convention in August, the Central Florida Alumnae Chapter and University of Georgia Alumnae Chapter. Both chapters began a 10-month process to establish from September 2014 and successfully completed in July 2015.

Each alumnae chapter will be featured separately to show their similarities and unique differences in establishment. Each chapter has three executive positions: alumnae chapter director, alumnae finance director and alumnae event coordinator.

I got the chance to reach out to University of Georgia’s  alumnae chapter director, Amanda “Lyriq” Luong.

What encouraged sisters to form the alumnae chapter?

There has always been a strong interest in forming an alumnae chapter, even years back. We’ve always had a small group of alumnae interested in creating a network for sisters to get together. As more alumnae graduated and started working, the opportunities to connect with sisters were limited, and we recognized the need to have a network where sisters can come to for support, socials, and learning from each other. In addition, we wanted a cohesive group to serve as a mentors and trusted advisors for the undergraduate chapter.

How was the process in becoming an alumnae chapter? What was the hardest obstacle that the alumnae chapter came across?

In the past, we’ve organized small get-togethers unofficially, and when the Board of Directors opened up the process for alumnae to form official groups, we knew that was what we wanted. Last September, we had our first official open house and from there we held events and submitted our application to be formally recognized by the Board of Directors. We were formally recognized this year at convention, which took place in Charlotte, North Carolina. It has been a great year. We’re fortunate to have a solid group of members. The most challenging part was for alumnae to figure out how much they wanted to participate and for everyone to come together and be on the same page. Some of the members have never worked with each other since our cross date ranges from Spring 2003 to Fall 2011 , but we were all able to make it work.

What are the goals of the alumnae chapter?

Recruitment is very important for us. As you can see in our events below, we are dedicated to expanding our group and including more alumnae. The focus for the next months will be to host great events for alumnae to attend and prepare for our open house in January!

Implement programs, events and services that support sisters during their transition throughout all life cycles. These programs and events will be constructed to inform, engage and inspire alumnae to reconnect with each other, the collegiate chapter and the national organization.

What are some of the accomplishments thus far?

We’ve put together our strategic plan for year 1 with goals in place for the coming year. We’ve established ourselves financially – set up a bank account and a budget allocation for our dues. We’ve had a successful year with our hosted events, sisterhoods, volunteer engagements, and collaboration with the undergraduate chapter.

Any advice to future alumnae chapters?

We want to encourage sisters to consider joining our alumnae group upon graduation. It is a great continuation of the sisterhood from undergrad but the group can also be viewed a support network as you begin your professional career. As you build your career, it’ll be refreshing to know that you have a network of sisters that have gone through similar experiences and can answer questions you have!

Any events you would like to promote?

Yes, please see below! We are looking to ramp up our recruitment and allow sisters to come out and meet us at our socials (below). We will also have an open house  for those that are interested in joining us in January!


I Luv Pho Collegiate/Alumnae Mixer

  • Date: Wednesday, Nov. 4
  • Location: 4500 Satellite Blvd, Duluth, GA 30096
  • Time: 7:30 p.m. EST

(Hosted Alumnae Event) – iCare Atlanta Volunteering

  • Date: Saturday, Nov. 14
  • Location: 5879 New Peachtree Rd, Doraville, GA 30340
  • Time: TBD
  • Details: iCare is a local non-profit and we are looking to help donate and sort their food pantry.


(Hosted Alumnae Event) – Anniversary Dinner

  • Date: Saturday, Dec. 5
  • Location & Time: TBD
  • Stay on the lookout for a Facebook event in November! We are also going to work with a non-profit to donate toys for the event.


(Hosted Alumnae Event) – Open House

  • Date: Monday, Jan. 11
  • Location,Time, Details: TBD
  • We are inviting sisters who are interested in joining us for the next year!

The University of Georgia Alumnae Chapter hosted its first annual alumnae chapter retreat at the Equitable Building in Atlanta, GA on July 25. During the half-day retreat, chapter members were able to participate in icebreakers, strategic plan review and voting on key structure items. At the conclusion of the event, sisters had the opportunity to reflect on the day and provide feedback.

Member Roster: 

Manida “SoBe” Chinrantana – Spring 2003
Victoria “Juicy” Huynh – Spring 2005
Amanda “Lyriq” Luong – Fall 2006
Stephenie “Remedi” Lai – Fall 2007
Diana “Demure” Bui – Fall 2007
Amanda “EPIC” Supratanapongse – Fall 2007
Tracey “Emphasis” Eng – Fall 2008
Emily “Saphira” Luong – Spring 2009
Karla “Rumour” Schott – Spring 2010
Michele “Helix” Chan – Spring 2010
Christina “ICON” Shin – Fall 2010
Jaleesa “Aspire” Reed – Fall 2010
Andrea “Risqué” King – Fall 2010
Yvonnette “Resolute” Lewis – Spring 2011
Hannah “Venture” Kang – Fall 2011

Please read forward for Central Florida Alumnae Chapter Alumnae president Mai Nguyen’s interview in the next article.

Featured Image: Special to The Jade Times

Source: UGA Alumnae Chapter Newsletter