By Kirsten “Declare” Daigle, Staff Writer

The sisters of Alpha Chapter at the University of Georgia hosted their philanthropy week to showcase the sorority’s 3-C’s on the week of Feb 27. The 3 C’s stands for collaboration, cooperation, and celebration. The series of events, which were hosted by chapters nationwide, advocate preventive awareness for osteoporosis.

During the entire week, sisters from Alpha Chapter exhibited collaboration by partnering with a non-profit organization called Liberty in North Korea (LiNK); cooperation in working with different venues and groups to host events during the week; and celebration through hosting a benefit concert to raise funds and awareness for their philanthropies and sold boba tea and snacks to the public.

The sisters kicked off the week on Monday with a thai tea sale incorporating interactive games that explain osteoporosis to the general public. Sisters then held a percentage night at a frozen yogurt venue called Menchie’s to fundraise on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, sisters collaborated with LiNK and hosted a seminar about North Korean refugees and the struggles the refugees face in order to escape and acclimate to a lifestyle outside of North Korea. The sisters and members of LiNK hosted a benefit concert with a diverse line-up featuring string and Chinese instrumentals, indie, and acapella music (with Ecotones, UGA’s only ecologically minded co-ed acapella group).

Featured Image: Special to The Jade Times