By Molly “M.E.O.W.” Naaktgeboren, Staff Writer

bonevoyage_2A few years ago, University at Albany sisters came up with the idea of “Bone Voyage” (a play on words to the French phrase bon voyage, meaning “have a good trip”) to become their annual event that pays tribute to Osteoporosis.

“Bone Voyage” was held on the evening of Monday, Nov. 16 at the University at Albany.

The event has undergone a transformation since its first occurrence. It achieved its first goal, but it was not reaching a large audience.

This year, the sisters decided to pull campus resources. Pi Delta Psi Fraternity Inc. co-hosted, reaching out into the community with promoting, helping with the ordering and transporting of the Chipotle, and correspondence with the guest speaker. From the planning to execution, all sisters had a hand in pulling off the educational event.

Ann”Caryat” Wen fostered “Bone Voyage” in all incantations and took control of this project. She kept order, answered questions and tamed a crowd of 200 plus individuals from the community.

“Bone Voyage” started with a joint powerpoint slideshow to introduce the chapter and osteoporosis awarness. Then, sisters asked for volunteers for an Oreo-eating contest! Eight people lined up at the front of the lecture center to participate. They were given four packages of eight Oreo cookies and a cup of milk of their choice, either 2 percent, Lactaid or Silk, to help digest. After four minutes, it was over.

Another campus resource was the guest speaker, Donna Duffy, the campus dietitian, who took the floor next.

Duffy discussed “Taking Charge of Your Bone Health.” She reviewed the formation and structure of bone, to communicate the importance of diet and bone health, how to recognize the factors associated with osteoporosis and to know that being physically active is important for bone health. She then took questions about a variety of questions including, but not limited to, Vitamin D supplements.

“It was a pleasure working with both Ann from Delta Phi Lambda and Joseph from Pi Delta Psi, on getting the word out on how important taking charge of bone health really is to preventing osteoporosis,” Duffy said.

Finally,  Chipotle was served. Students were then encouraged to go down to the photo booth  and write on a whiteboard how they keep their bones strong.

“The most important goal for Bone Voyage was to educate our community and aid students in pursuing healthier bones and better eating habits,” Wen said. “I wanted every person in the audience to walk away with at least one thing about Osteoporosis.”

“I’m really proud of my active sisters because after three long years, we finally developed a method to spread as much awareness for osteoporosis as we can,” Amy “Élan” Chen, another Albany sister said. “Now, we know that food is the way to people’s hearts.”


Featured Image: Special to The Jade Times

Article Image: Chey Bradley