By Houa “Manifesto” Vang, Contributing Writer


Ainna “Ardea” Pineda

Martina Pineda goes by Ainna or by her sorority nickname, “Ardea.” She is a third-year, nursing student at the University of Cincinnati. She crossed in fall 2015 as part of Beta Chapter.

This fall, she received the opportunity to be policy chair, public relations, co-vice president records and alumnae chair.

Exemplifying these roles, she has learned to become more efficient. She’s learned how to use, gather and condense the information. She is now able to get her perspective across through communication via writing papers or emails, and facilitating the information saves hers and others’ time. She is now more comfortable communicating. She’s learned to connect with the sisterhood and other organizations, as well as surrounding schools.

Pineda is in charge of reading and understanding the operations manual. She is the liaison between the university, chapter and national policies.

“It’s always good to move forward (to better the sorority),” Pineda said.

She takes great responsibility of herself and her chapter.

Trust plays a big part especially overseeing chairs. She expects accountability and teamwork among her sisters. She’s able to recognize when she needs to slow down and move forward.

According to Pineda, nursing takes a lot of time management. The schedule is weird; it’s either class or clinical paperwork. Holding these positions, she’s learned to compromise with hers and other people’s schedules.

“Not everyone can make it but you have to get the information to them. Make sure that they’re there. It takes a lot of patience,” Pineda said.

“I definitely changed,” she said upon reflection since crossing into the sisterhood. “I signed up for everything back to back. I did everything I could. I still do a lot but I’m comfortable saying I am able to do them. It’s a good balance.”

Pineda has gotten guidance, love and support from her sisters, especially her big, Hanna “Ari” Seo.

“I look up to her so much and for guidance for all the leadership positions I’m taking on,” Pineda said. “I literally would be nowhere without her. Her support and the motivation she provides are some of the biggest reasons I continue to love Delta Phi Lambda more each day.”

She is also part of a student-run tour group called Roar Guide at University of Cincinnati. The group volunteers every Friday giving tours on campus including Senior Scholars Day and Open House Day. She is secretary of Breakdancing Club. She participated in the Mid-Autumn Festival dance hosted by Vietnamese Student Association. In the summer, she worked at a Jewish hospital as a nurse aid and at CVS as a pharmacy technician.



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