By Kristine “Aster” Medina, Assistant Editor

Three sisters were acknowledged for being awarded leadership education scholarships at Friday’s affiliation luncheon for the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values (AFLV) Central/Midyear Leadership Conference.

Jessica “ReleVance” Young and Mary “Cara” Millar from Loyola University Chicago and Shua “Estreya” Vang from University of North Carolina at Charlotte were awarded the scholarships. The scholarships will fund their AFLV Central/Midyear Leadership Conference experience, including undergraduate registration and travel reimbursement.

Shua Vang

Vang is a senior who crossed spring 2012. She was “super excited and really surprised” when she discovered that she was receiving the scholarship.

“It was funny because they actually sent the email to one of my sisters who won the scholarship last year, and she was the one who told me that I got it,” she said. “I was literally screaming out loud in one of the quieter areas of our student union because I was so happy.”

Mary Millar

Millar was also surprised and excited to receive the scholarship. She is a sophomore who crossed fall 2013. She said she looks forward to learning from the workshops, but she cannot wait to meet and reunite with sisters.

“The unconditional bond with other sisters is one of the best thing about being a sister of DPhiL,” Millar said.

The AFLV Central/Midyear Leadership Conference began Thursday and continues through this Sunday in Indianapolis, IN. The conference will proceed with various speakers, a stroll competition, educational sessions, a case study competition, a banquet and an after-banquet party hop.

“Greek life officials from universities and other fraternities and sororities know about the sorority because of our involvement with AFLV,” Lillie “Ivory” Madali, executive director of the Delta Phi Lambda Foundation, said.

Through this partnership, Delta Phi Lambda Foundation and AFLV collaborated to create the leadership education scholarship backed by donations from alumni and various supporters.

Hannah “Mocha” Seoh, the fundraising director of the foundation, said AFLV is only the beginning. She hopes the foundation will garner more support from alumni in creating more opportunities for undergraduate sisters. The scholarships are the power of alumni donations at work.

“I think at our core, at the foundation and as DPhiL sisters, we want our members to be excellent,” Seoh said. ”AFLV is one way to enrich their experience. And hopefully the scholarship recipients will take it upon themselves to really be sponges, take and share notes, talk about what they learned and spread the message.”

Every year, sisters and Greeks from across the country attend regional conferences hosted by AFLV to broaden their knowledge in leadership, education and values-based programs. Delta Phi Lambda first formed its partnership with AFLV in 2010 and continues to develop its dedicated female leaders through the AFLV Central/Midyear Leadership Conference.

For more information on how to donate and scholarships provided by the Delta Phi Lambda Foundation, visit