By Lisa “Empress” Thai, Contributing Writer

Lisa Thai, University of Iowa

Lisa Thai, University of Iowa

The annual Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values (AFLV) Central Conference, where over 3000 fraternity men and sorority women come together to attend one of the largest fraternal conferences in the nation, is just around the corner. Over the four-day event, participants learn how to lead their community, develop their leadership skills and make connections in the greater fraternal community.

Delta Phi Lambda’s midyear conference is held in partnership with the AFLV Central Conference, which will be hosted from Feb. 2 to 5 in Indianapolis, Ind.. 

Leaders from the greater fraternal community come together to present various topics, ranging from recruitment to marketing, and even how to solve issues within the multicultural Greek community. One of the presentations will feature Tiffanie “Grace” Duong, a sister from the University of Iowa and president of its Multicultural Greek Council. Duong will discuss the challenges students with mental disabilities face within the fraternal community and ways to show support.

In addition to the various speakers’ presentations, our Board of Directors meets with collegiate sisters to discuss updates and topics that involve Delta Phi Lambda. These discussions allow collegiate sisters to receive updates on how the sorority is progressing and to express any concerns their chapters face.

Lastly, if you think this conference will be boring due to the neverending presentations, you are mistaken. This conference allows participants to make connections with members of different organizations from different schools. With thousands of attendees from all over the United States, you are bound to meet an ism, syands, or even a charter that you would not be able to meet otherwise. In addition, entertainment events are coordinated for participants to socialize, eat cupcakes, watch the stroll competition, get hypnotized and partake in other fun activities. 

The Delta Phi Lambda Foundation awards leadership education scholarships to three collegiate sisters attending the conference. For more information, visit

To register for the AFLV Central Conference, go to


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