By Oanhie “Shinsen” Pham, Editor-in-chief

As a sister of Delta Phi Lambda, Jennifer “d.E.lux” Tsai knows academic excellence is important.  Tsai is a senior biomedical engineering student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Tsai was not present at National Convention in Washington, DC, this year, but said a sister posted a picture of the plaque on Facebook and tagged her in it.

Vanessa “Raize” Nguyen, also a sister at GT, said Tsai held two executive board positions last year, was president of the school’s Multicultural Greek Council, and was actively involved in the Student Alumni Association.

“With all her classes, research and extracurriculars, she still makes a lot of time for schoolwork and maintained a high GPA,” Nguyen said.

On earning her award this past convention, Tsai said she was really surprised.  Because she received the award last year, she wasn’t expecting to earn it again. But she said she is really glad because one of Delta Phi Lambda’s virtues is academic excellence. Tsai encourages undergraduates to strive for academic success and bring up their GPA, even if it seems difficult. Tsai also advises undergraduates to prioritize academics before participating in other school activities.

“Get plenty of sleep and [make] time for [school] work before putting in time for extracurricular activities,” she said.

Tsai said a lot of times, people become very involved with extracurricular activities and that it can be easier to work on those rather than academics.

“Know how much you can handle and know how to say no,” Tsai said. “People might think, ‘I want to be involved, attend everything.’ But you need to know when to draw the line, when schoolwork should come in first.”