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About The Jade Times

The Jade Times (TJT) was established in 2009 as the national online newsletter/publication of Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. TJT has approximately 400 email subscribers and reaches out to more than 800 members of Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. TJT exists to help build relationships between Delta Phi Lambda sisters through contribution of articles and topics that our audiences can connect with, and by showcasing the continuing bonds of our sisterhood. TJT provides its members with an exclusive quarterly email alongside an online blog that covers a variety of topics from the celebration of women and their achievements to the latest DIY project.


Meet The Current Staff

Kristine Medina, Editor-in-Chief

Kristine M.
Kristine is a store clerk and server for her family’s small business and a clerical assistant for the West Florida Public Libraries in Pensacola, FL. She crossed as one of the seven charters of the University of West Florida in spring 2010. Her passions involve writing, copy editing, books, autodidacticism and food. She swears by always being kind, Thoreau, green tea and Netflix.

Sarah Nguyen, Web Director

Sarah Nguyen is a creative graphic designer with four years of professional experience. She graduated from the University of West Florida with a Bachelor in Art/Graphic Design and chartered the DFL Chapter at UWF. She was Historian, VP of Records, Assistant AME, and Chapter President during her undergraduate days. She is very ambitious and enthusiastic. Inquisitive, sometimes zany, approachable and poised. In addition, she enjoy crafting, korean drama and sleeping.

Jessie Kim, Chapter Liaison

Jessie is an undergraduate from University of Georgia and is currently pursuing a biology degree. She loves watching Netflix, hanging out with friends, taking naps, and reading good books.

Xiomara Santana, Chapter Liaison

Xiomara is an undergraduate at the University of Iowa currently pursuing a Nursing degree. She aspires to become a Nurse Practition and work with non-profit organization as a career. She join Delta Phi Lambda on Fall 2015 with eagerness and passion to become an empowering women leader. When she’s not busy with sorority work you can find her at her undergraduate research assistance position advocating for health equity. On her free time she likes to travel, tumblrs endlessly, and bother her Big.

Anna Huang, Chapter Liaison

Currently attending University of Delaware as a senior double majoring in Marketing and Operations Management with a minor in Psychology. Her favorite hobbies are hiking, eating food, traveling to new places, and sleeping. She hopes to land a job within her major once she graduates and move into the city. When she retires, she has plans to open an ice cream shop with her LS, EIleen Ni in California.

Tamera Pillay, Staff Writer/Photographer

Tamera is a senior at the University of Georgia. She is majoring in Public Affairs Journalism and pursuing the new media and writing certificate. Since she is soon to graduate she hopes to enjoy her last semester at UGA as president of her chapter, soaking in as much time with sisters until the end. In the future she hopes to work for some media organization and write for television, but for now, she’s feeling out other options and seeking a good law school. In her downtime she enjoys an embarrassing amount of tv shows and consumes copious amounts of comedy.

Whitney Newton, Staff Writer/Social Media Manager

Whitney graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor of Science in (Industrial-Organizational) Psychology, a minor in Business Administration, and a career enhancement certification in Human Resources Management. She currently works as a Network Deployment Quality Control Specialist for the legal department in telecom. When not at work, she can be found reading, playing video games, blogging, hiking, or traveling to new destinations. She is known for her moxie, love for animals, and her obsession with the bear Rilakkuma.

Kristine (Kippie) Wesner, Staff Writer/Copy Editor

Kippie graduated from ISU, spent most of her active sorority time with Purdue, then helped Loyola cross a class, bringing her lineage all over the Midwest. She currently works for a food packaging company as a Quality Document Specialist, writing and maintaining specifications for the Quality Assurance Department. In her little free time, she travels with her husband, frequents mostly EDM festivals, event plans on the side, binge watches anime and TV shows, and obsesses over her black cat, Master Tonberry.

Christina Shin, Staff Writer

Born in CT Lived in NJ Now in GA. Cinderella is Christina’s favorite Disney Princess but she hearts all things Disney (who doesn’t ;]) She is a very extroverted person and enjoys meeting new people. She loves trying new things and going to different places for extraordinary adventures and have an extreme passion for fashion and beauty. Currently, she is obsessed with changing her hair color. She also loves music of all different genres except maybe country. She used to play the piano, cello, and flute but forgot how to play and is her life goal to relearn them. Above all she likes dancing.

Maria Thomas, Staff Writer


Savitre Schaefferkoetter, Staff Writer

Savitre G.

Savitre is a proud forensic toxicologist for the district medical examiner and lives in Clearwater, Florida with her husband and bunny rabbits. In her free time, she enjoys writing, cooking, and vintage dress-up. She is known for her subconsciously made facial expressions and love of mythical creatures.

Viloc (Oanhie) Pham, Staff Writer

Oanhie is a quality control editor. She also tutors/mentors at-risk children on Saturdays. When she’s not working, studying, sleeping or volunteering, she likes to play video games, try new restaurants and visit public libraries.

Ashanti Henderson, Contributing Writer

Ashanti H.
Ashanti “Accel” Henderson is a Georgia native and self-proclaimed glossophile, who is passionate about education. She joined the Alpha Chapter of Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. at the University of Georgia in Fall 2011 as part of Alpha Alpha class. She enjoys traveling and reading in her spare time.

Jennah Davison, Copy Editor

Jennah is a sophomore at the University of Iowa. She is currently an English major with a minor in Mass Communications. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, finding new music, and hanging out with friends. She hopes to one day be in NYC or San Francisco living her dream as an editor of some sort.


About the Logo

The Jade Times Logo

The logo is symbolic of Delta Phi Lambda’s everlasting sisterhood® with an infinity symbol shaped hourglass filled with jade colored sand wrapped by a vine of a blue rose. It is a collaborative design by Mai Vang and Wilma Miranda.