By Houa “Manifesto” Vang, Staff Writer

It’s finally month three – the end of the journey but the start of something new.

Did you meet your goal?

Jennifer “Salomé” Albesa

Jennifer “Salomé” Albesa

Albesa: I met most of my goals. I’m about three to four pounds shy of the 30 pounds weight goal, but that’s okay. I’m satisfied with the progress I’ve made.

Casajuana: Yes, I met my goal as I am reversing much better than I have in the past! I think mentally, I am in a much better place to reverse correctly as I took the judges’ critiques the first time around pretty hard. This show was different. I know that there is always room for improvement so I took the critiques as constructive rather than judgements.

Myra “Slate” Tiu

Myra “Slate” Tiu

Haselsteiner: Unfortunately no, I didn’t get slower though!

Song: Yes! This is just the beginning! I got my rhythm back and it feels so good to train again. I can’t wait for the physical changes to occur!

Tiu: Not as much as I wanted to but it’s a good start. I haven’t been able to go to the gym so home workouts have been the go-to.

Zhong: I did not reach my intended goal. This summer threw me for a lot more loops than I expected and as a result I had to put a lot of things on the backburner.


Was there something you wish you did differently?

Stephanie “BCBG” Soriano Casajuana

Stephanie “BCBG” Soriano Casajuana

Albesa: If anything, maybe worked more on setting goals to change my diet. I’ve changed my eating habits a lot since I started boxing, but nothing was really planned and I didn’t track anything. I’ve been focusing more on how much I eat, but again, I haven’t set any goals or made any significant changes in that respect. My gym is doing a Whole30/paleo diet challenge next month, so they’re going to share recipes and educate members about the diet. Maybe I’ll give it a shot.

Casajuana: To have more carbs the day of the show to look a little fuller.

Haselsteiner: I wish I kept a journal to keep me on track.

Song: No, my goal was to ease myself back into the groove of things and I did that. Did I lose weight? Not necessarily to some, but my mindset is set and my good habits are back.

Tiu: I wish I had planned ahead my schedule to more time working out.

Zhong: There was a lot that I learned about myself this summer and a lot more to learn. One of those things would be learning to prioritize better.

Any comments or advice for sisters?

Albesa: First, find something you really enjoy doing. Like I said before, I tried a lot of things: diets, gyms, weight loss programs, etc. I didn’t enjoy them, so I didn’t stick to any of them. I really enjoy boxing and the friends I’ve made at the gym give me even more motivation to show up. The second thing is that change happens slowly, but stick with it. I’ve been consistent with boxing for months and while I still don’t see a lot of physical change myself, other people have noticed. I still get super out of breath when I do mitt work with a trainer, but I’m able to get through longer classes and multiple classes a day. I’m also a bit more coordinated than when I first started, so those are some noteworthy changes. It’s all a matter of how you look at the changes and it’s not just all about the numbers on the scale. Finally, if you’re not reaching your goals, don’t get discouraged. Make a new plan and set new goals. Once you’ve got a routine down, set specific, measurable, and realistic/achievable goals.

Monica “IMPAᴎ*D” Yifan Zhong

Monica “IMPAᴎ*D” Yifan Zhong

Casajuana: Do you. Everyone is a little different. If you like running, then run. If you like to lift weights, then lift weights. But don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

Haselsteiner: As crazy as life gets, you have to put your physical and mental health first!

Song: My advice to sisters is to have confidence in yourself. Believe you can achieve your goal. Be kind and patient with yourself. Never call yourself “fat” or “ugly” because those traits do not define you! Maybe you have a few pounds to lose, okay, great. Now make small changes to make yourself feel better.

Tiu: Map out a plan and stick to it by planning out your schedule. Also, water is your friend.

Zhong: It would be to never let your setbacks get to you or to not beat yourself up for not reaching your goals within a certain time frame. It’s all about gradual progress.

Now that the three months is over, what now?

Jessica “Lynnea” Song

Jessica “Lynnea” Song

Albesa: I’m going to keep boxing! I’m proud of my progress and I’m not planning on quitting now. I have new goals I’ve set for the upcoming months, so I look forward to reaching them.

Casajuana: Grow muscles as much as possible. I’m not a newbie, so this will be a very slow process.

Haselsteiner: I plan keep my same goal but have better planning skills.

Song: I changed up my goal. I’m working to gain more muscle. This means I go to eat and train hard!

Tiu: Now that the three months are over I definitely know what to fix. I’m working on changing my eating habits by slowly getting rid of meat in my diet. I haven’t been eating pork lately with the exception of bacon from time to time.

Zhong: It’s all about figuring out how to balance out schoolwork and my own extracurricular activities. I think school kicking into gear will probably force me to be more efficient with my time.

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