By Houa “Manifesto” Vang, Staff Writer

It’s month two! Let’s see where sisters are with their progress.

How is your progress?

Jessica “Lynnea” Song

Jessica “Lynnea” Song

Song: Progress has been going well! I am a couple of pounds down without tracking. I have just been moving more.

Casajuana: I am two weeks out. I am leaning out but keeping on more muscle than I did with the last show, which is exactly what I wanted to do. I had a few stumbling blocks with my foot, but my foot is okay now.

Albesa: Progress is going great! I hit a little snag at the beginning of the month because I went down to Tampa for my line sister’s wedding. It was like a mini reunion for me and some of my friends from when I was an undergrad, so naturally, there was a lot of eating and not much gymming involved. I did manage to go to one of my gym’s sister locations while in Tampa to maintain my goal of going at least five days a week, so I’m pretty proud I found the motivation to go.

Zhong: Progress has been coming along slowly. The month of July has been a rather stagnant one. At first, I started off strong, coming back from the high of spending a week up in Canada with my parents. Every day, we had some sort of trail to hike and climb to make. We easily made 15,000 steps. However, upon getting back to the states, I came down with strep. It took me two weeks to rest and recover. During my period of rest, I was unable to go to the gym as much I planned to.

Haselsteiner: If I am being honest, it has been rough. It is hard to find the time and energy between lots of work.

Tiu: Progress has declined a lot. This past month has been a lot busier than I expected, and I have not been making time to go to the gym like I should be doing.

How are you staying motivated?

Song: I have been making small workout video clips on my Instagram so that’s been keeping me motivated!

Albesa: A lot of self talk and making friends at the gym. I have one friend who I go often with, and we text each other in the morning to make sure we are awake and will be there for class. It keeps you accountable when someone is expecting you to be there with them. Also, we are playing bingo this month, and some of the prizes include free months of membership or free one-on-one training sessions, also a pretty big motivator.

Monica “IMPAᴎ*D” Yifan Zhong

Monica “IMPAᴎ*D” Yifan Zhong

Zhong: It’s a little disheartening to know that I have not been keeping up with my workout goals. However, now that I am fully recovered, I am ready and excited to get back to the free weights and machines. What is keeping me motivated is that I know it is never too late to get back on the horse after falling off. I know that once I get back, it will be as simple as taking it a day at a time.

Haselsteiner: I lose my motivation more than I would like to admit, but lately, I have been having small conversations with others who struggle with exercising and T1D (type 1 diabetes). I am also working on making the perfect pump-up playlist.

Casajuana: Man, being on stage in a bikini is motivation enough! Can’t hide anything!

Tiu: I stay motivated by being mindful of my goals and looking at how my clothes are fitting my body. I also like looking at fitspo on Instagram and watching fitness related videos on YouTube. Working out with my best friend is a plus. She plays soccer at Florida Institute of Technology and is in pretty good shape, so having her there to push me is a great plus.

What’s your biggest challenge this upcoming month?

Song: My biggest challenge this month will be managing my time between my part-time online business, work, and school.

Albesa: With my work schedule changing for the summer and some travel that I will be doing, it is going to be difficult getting back into a flow of going to the gym. Until recently, I was definitely there at 5:30am Monday to Friday. Lately, however, I will go in the morning on some days. Other days, I will go in the afternoon, and some days, I will go in the evening. I am trying to get back into a set schedule so I am not wearing myself out, but I still have enough time to rest and reset myself.

Zhong: My biggest challenge will be probably fitting in gym time between my volunteering and prep for the academic school year. Because the gym opens later and closes earlier, I may need to endure the summer heat and incorporate more outdoor workouts.

Haselsteiner: I am moving so I really need to stay focused on my personal goals during the chaos of the move. But that’s just life. Gotta learn to balance it all. And I should focus on channeling that stress into my workouts rather than being exhausted from it all.

Casajuana: My main goal is to reverse diet properly. I think a challenge will be right after the show. I know I might get crazy with the food I will eat, but that Monday after, I need to force myself to get back on the meal plan to reverse right!

Tiu: My biggest challenge coming up are finals and then trying to transition to my new schedule for fall.

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